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Open Pit Mining

STRACON Group has worked on multiple stages of more than twenty open pit mining projects and has moved more than a billion tons of ore and waste rock. Our open pit projects comply with high standards of safety, quality, and sustainability and promote social and economic benefits within local communities. We efficiently lead every part of the process from planning and engineering, construction, operation, and mine closure.

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Underground Mining

With three decades of experience in underground mining across North, Central and South America, STRACON Group is uniquely positioned to safely and sustainably deliver underground mining services to our clients. Our teams have delivered in excess of 300 km of underground lateral development and 40 km of vertical development in addition to many unique construction deliverables.

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Mining Technology

STRACON Technologies provides integrated technology services to mining clients with a range of practical digital solutions that encompass digital infrastructure, cybersecurity and energy efficiency. The application of these modern technologies, coupled with our adaptable business model, translates into leading safety performance, high levels of productivity, efficiency, and sustainable business operations.

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Asset Management and Equipment Rental

Our Asset Management & Equipment Rental services provide a single point of contact for all the equipment, support services, and equipment requirements of a mine site. As a result, mine owners, operators, and other on-site contractors can optimize their resources, lower their costs, and execute projects more efficiently.

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STRACON Group’s Engineering team provides integrated engineering, procurement, investment, and construction services, delivering solutions for water and tailings management, and mine infrastructure, including facilitating decarbonization and transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy within the mining sector.

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